Who we are

Diane BrownSelling houses, you say? Hmmmm. That was my initial reaction when my fiancé (at the time) mentioned I should join him at Joseph Murphy Better Homes and Gardens. Intrigued, I got my real estate license at Kovat’s School of Real Estate and 34 years later I am still loving this career choice.

My husband Mark decided it was time for him to break into his own company to form Brown Commercial Realty, which has since become Brown Commercial Real Estate Services. I received my Real Estate Broker license to assist him with his life path. Partners in this endeavor, I also work together with him on commercial sales and leasing and the office management side of the business.

Along the way we were also raising 4 children, Diana, Taylor, Joey and Bobby. We became involved in scouts, sports, dance, theatre; and loved every moment and memory. We have since welcomed a new son-in-law, Aaron and a new Grandchild. Did you notice I capitalized Grandchild? Baby Dean is just beyond, there are no words, and so worthy of Capitals.

Fast forward to the five letter word….covid…do you see I did not capitalize covid? Well, prior to covid, I was feeling unsatisfied with work. I was truly missing the residential side of real estate. There is nothing I enjoy more than houses and good architecture. So, I began the formation of Diane Brown Real Estate during the lockdown period of covid. Trying to open a bank account with all the banks closed to any walk-in business and the NJ Real Estate Commission working out of their homes was the most challenging and frustrating aspect of the formation. Being patient and persistent, as I am, my company (Mark is also a partner) was fully formed during the most harrowing of circumstances. I am truly grateful for a good coming out of a bad.

Diane Brown Real Estate has been all I have dreamed of. Owning your own company, making the rules (breaking the rules), is very fulfilling. 86% of all brokerages in this country are from independent single-office operations with an average of three Realtors in the office. I am proud to be a part of Main Street America that moves families every day!